The Brief

Mobikon is a customer engagement and analytics platform for hospitality industry. Today, over 350 brands spanning 2400+ outlets in 9 countries use Mobikon's platform, modules and engagement tools to interact with customers. Platform has engaged over 4,300,000+ customers and powered 2,100,000+ customer reviews.

Mobikon needed a digital marketing plan to help bolster their B2B leads generation. Mobikon’s online presence included only a website and no content marketing through a blog existed in their marketing arsenal.

The solution

Brand Metasis worked closely with the Mobikon leadership team at the start of the 15-day period to review existing marketing assets, processes and messaging. The Brand Metasis team then created buyer personas, design mockups for a new blog and fresh messaging that reflected everything learned during the review period. Brand Metasis created a report outlining detailed campaigns to be executed over the next 12-month period.

The suggested campaigns were designed to tackle the key marketing challenges the Brand Metasis team identified as the most pressing. The goals of those campaigns were as follows:

Increase brand awareness among Mobikon’s target audiences by implementing highly focused content marketing initiatives

Increase the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by creating targeted content and implementing a demand generation strategy


Accelerate the sales cycle for B2B sales by creating targeted content (blog and social) to help educate consumers during the consideration phase of the sales cycle

The Result

Mobikon’s website had just over 4000 cumulative visitors in the whole year of 2015.
By Dec 2016 Mobikon saw an increase of 844% traffic to their website.
Over 540% incremental engagement on social platforms was recorded by the time Brand Metasis had worked on the project for 12 months.
Traffic-to-lead conversion through follow-up Email marketing resulted in 260% increase as compared to 2015.
And an overall Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation was increased upwards of 300% in 2016.
By the end of 2016, Mobikon, with the help of Brand Metasis was generating an average of 34 MQLs month-on-month.